Sunday, June 5, 2016

         Messy Rooms

I know most kids like me like there room to be messy. But the thing is it does not help anything the real reason you don't like having a clean room is you don't like cleaning it. But you have to because your parents make you.

It does not matter if you like basketball, plain rooms, even rooms with slides. 

For example all your basketball things could get ruined in the mess, or all you books could get dirty, things could get stuck in your slide. At least thats what your parents think would happen.

So here are some tips that will hopfully make it easier:

If you have shelves you should get bins instead or just put bins on shelves. This might seem weird but it really helps. You can just dump your toys that were laying around into the bins instead of having to put them away in a form that makes them look nice. And remember you can buy bins at cheap stores, yard sales, thrift shops. You do not have to spend a bunch of money. 

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